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[LOGO!] Killing Germs with Gas

Siemens AG
Example Program without Liability


Unsafe operating conditions can cause controllers to fail, resulting in unchecked operation of controlled devices.
Such hazardous events can cause death and/or serious injury and/or material damage.You must therefore provide an emergency stop
function and electric or other redundant safety devices that are independent of your automation system.

Disclaimer of Liability:
Users are solely responsible for the correct operation of their LOGO! systems. This program does not relieve you of the obligation to observe
safe practices during implementation, installation, operation, and maintenance. By using this example program created by Siemens AG,
you acknowledge that Siemens AG cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any possible personal injury or material damage resulting from the use of this program.

lsc Killing-germs-with-gas.lsc, Size: 67.73 KiB, Downloads: 308


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